Hi! I’m Alex Fittin. I’m an adoptive mom living in Northwest Arkansas and I am passionate about helping women feel connected and empowered to do this Kingdom work called adoption. My husband Bryan and I get to raise three (THREE!) littles who are all less than a year and a half apart in age. I’m often so so tired. On top of that, we have the privilege of walking alongside our teenager as he navigates his own adoption story. That’s us in a nutshell! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more of our adventures. Oh! And listen to this podcast of course!


The Podcast

Craving real, honest conversations about other families in the world of adoption?
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Our Adoptions in a Nutshell

Together my husband, Bryan, and I have 4 amazing children. It started in December, 2014 when we had Grady the old fashioned way. Eight months later in 2015, Clark moved in with us. He was 14 years old, and we adopted him on May 25th, 2016. Roc joined our family in November of 2015 when he was 3 weeks old. I was already pregnant with Jane, who was born in April of 2016. On June 9th, 2017 (also Bryan and my 5th anniversary), our family became complete with the adoption of Roc Davis Fittin (in the middle with the curly blond hair and dreamy blue eyes).



Grady and Roc are 10.5 months apart. Roc and Jane are 5.5 months apart. That's so many littles, you guys. They could easily plan a mutiny. 


Making strides

Clark is officially a high school graduate and is off to college! He even has his own car. He's already beat out several statistics set out for him in his short life and we are super proud of that.

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