Sensory Gift Guide

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Our kids with sensory issues can be tricky to help in the way they need. We don't always know how to calm and console them or what they need to regulate their emotions and impulse-control. They can be anywhere on a wide spectrum of sensory needs that can be difficult to diagnose. This all led me to ask my OT friend Leah to create a sensory gift guide for us for Christmas so we can give the gift of regulation to our babies. Leah and I are thrilled to gift this to you guys, and I hope it helps!

First, you need to see which sensory category your child falls into:

  • Over-Responsive: BIG response to incoming sensory info (defensive)

    • Picky eaters

    • cover ears with any noise

    • clothes tags/sock seams are a big deal

    • Primarily need calming activities

  • Under-Responsive: little or no reaction to incoming info.

    • Sensory seekers-cravers

    • constant motion

    • very high threshold for sensory input

    • Need organized alerting/stimulating activities (sounds opposite) to reach threshold to release appropriate neurochemicals.  

  • Sensory Passive: 

    • sluggish

    • They need sensory input but don’t actively seek it out.

    • Primarily need alerting/stimulating activities.

Now, here are some ideas for each category, and Leah was super awesome and went ahead and created a handy Amazon list that you can pull from for easy ordering!

  • Calming

    • bean bags

    • noise canceling headphones

    • weighted lap pads

    • weighted stuffed animals

    • pressure garments

    • cocoon swing (low and linear movements…no rotational)

    • visual timers

    • body sox 

  • Seekers

    • mini trampoline

    • swing

    • hoppy ball

    • vibration

    • chewy jewelry

  • Alerting passive

    • cold packs

    • fans

    • visual stimulation

    • swing

    • tactile toys

Find great gifts for all of these categories here: