I’m Alex. I am a lover of pop culture, carbs, and a self-proclaimed “indoorsy” person. I love to read a good fiction book, watch any one of my 27,000 shows or a movie that doesn’t make me cry, and play mindless games on my iPad. When I do wander outside, it had better be with friends and involve lots of laughter and fun, I’m no introvert.  I love to cook for others, have people over to my house, and mix friend groups, making all feel welcome. Hospitality is kind of my fav. 



I still have a giant crush on my husband, Bryan. He’s so much fun to hang out and do life with, and I’m thrilled that I can say that and mean it. Together we have 4 kids, two of them came the old fashioned way and two of them came to us via adoption through foster care. One of them is a teenager and three of them are basically the same age, which produces a lot of noise and chaos. We live in Northwest Arkansas where I run The Adoptive Mom and Bryan runs Go Rogue X, a digital marketing company.


I’ve always known that I wanted the best of both worlds. I’ve wanted to be a mom ever since I can remember, and I’ve wanted to be an adoptive mom since I was in high school, but I’ve also always wanted to be a writer and a speaker and a teacher and anything else with a small flare for the dramatic. I love this community of women that I’ve built because it truly does fulfil both of these. It allows me to love on my kids and live out that calling to raise them and it also provides the platform to speak life into other women and encourage them to live out their calling as well.

I am so grateful that you wanted to get to know me better and I think we would make a great team! Let’s do this!



Where Do I Hang out?

How can I help get YOUR message out, you ask? Here’s some info on where people follow me:

  • The show. The Adoptive Mom Podcast is a seasonal weekly show that boasts 500-1,200+ downloads per episode. New episodes come out every Monday.

  • The email list. I send out a weekly newsletter with episode information, photos from me, a written portion with a blog post, and a “what I’m into this week” section which can include sponsored posts of any nationally available product or service.

  • Social Media. I am most active on Instagram (@theadoptivemom) and Facebook (Alex Fittin and The Adoptive Mom Podcast.)

  • Blog Posts. I started a personal blog before The Adoptive Mom was even a twinkle in my eye and keep it up via AMP show notes now.

What Can You Expect in a sponsored post from me?

  1. A professional photo of me and your product or service

  2. A well-written, upbeat, high energy caption. I don’t endorse anything I wouldn’t use, so my tribe knows they’re getting a very genuine opinion when I give it.

  3. A call to action that makes sense for my followers and for you.

What can I talk about at an event?

My parents always told me that I would make a great lawyer or debate team member because I can talk about almost anything, but here are my favorite things to cover:

  • Jesus and His radical love for us, the bucket-loads of grace He dumps on us daily, and His true callings and desires for us as women and as mothers.

  • Adoption. I love to promote adoption in all the ways, and my favorite way is to empower mamas to feel seen and heard and cared for and filled up so that they can turn around and slay the adoption game.

  • Marriage and Motherhood. The family is the most basic and important structure in human nature, and after our relationship with Jesus, it has to be the priority. I love to talk about the struggles and chaos and hilariously frustrating stories that make up marriage and motherhood and what Jesus has to say about all of it.

  • Building Community. I believe in the power of One Another and will fight for it at all costs. We can change the world together, and I love connecting people to do just that.

  • Podcasting. I love to talk about how to build community through podcasting, how to not be boring, and how to schedule and produce content that people want to hear.

Who Follows Me?

Most of my listeners and followers are women ages 25-45. Most of them have children and a large portion of them are from the adoption community. They tend to love a bit of a funny and spicy take on life and a genuine approach to motherhood that showcases real life and a whole lot of grace. They also, like me, tend to love Jesus.

What’s my pricing?

  • Social media endorsement:

    • Main Feed Post: $50 per post

    • Stories Post: $25 per post

    • Sponsored Giveaways: FREE! If you have a product or service that you think my followers would dig, I’d be happy to partner up on a giveaway for my community in exchange for a post.

  • Email List & Blog Post Endorsement: $50 per post

  • Podcast Endorsement: $500/3 episodes. This will include a 30 second promotional spot (recorded by me) at the beginning of each episode.

  • Speaking: $500 + travel


Think we’ll make a good match?