AMP S3E9: What Does Adoption Mean for Our Bio Kids? - Abby Hutchins


What will happen to our bio kids?

This is a question that almost every single adoptive parent asks themselves before they jump into this world. We are afraid that our bio kids will be left out, will be traumatized, will be exposed to really hard things.

Guess what? This all very likely will come true. BUT, they will also be compassionate, have a better perspective of their own privilege, and know what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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Abby Hutchins is a freshman in college and still living at home with her EIGHT siblings, only one of whom is biologically related to her. She was old enough when her parents started their adoption journey to be fully aware of what was going on and how different her life was starting to look like.

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In this episode, she shares with us HER journey with a big adoptive family and how it has changed her life. She’s awesome and I know you will LOVE her as much as I do!

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AMP S3E8: He's Walking across the Whole Country for Adoption - Glenn Koster

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Glen Koster has an incredible story, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. It’s incredible that one human could go through so much and come out alive, healthy, and loving Jesus in the end.

This man’s story isn’t just stopping with him, though. He he devoted this season of his life to walking across the whole country to raise awareness for adoption. While he’s certainly not the first person to walk across the country, he is one of the only people who chose to take the longest possible route to enable him to spend the most time on the road and talking with anyone who will listen about his story and adoption.

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AMP S3E7: "Let Me Wreck Them" - Jeanette Tapley


You guys, I am so excited to bring you this episode. Jeanette has become one of my very good friends in “real” life because of this podcast and that brings me so much joy. I say “real” in quotes because we have still never actually met face-to-face, but that is why God made Marco Polo (praise hands).


Jeanette hosts the podcast It’s Time for Coffee where she chats with people about what they’re doing and how they are adding value to their community and the world in general. It’s so good and you guys should go subscribe and listen IMMEDIATELY.

She does this on top of being a wife and a mom to 3 kids, one of them having been adopted internationally.

In her episode, Jeanette and I chat about her story and about how adoption has influenced her podcasting and how she shares her story with the world. This woman is doing really cool things, and I am so honored that she’s including me in some of them!

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AMP S3E6: Kinship Adoption and All That Comes with It - Missy Worley


Today’s episode is all about kinship adoption and all of the intricate relationships that are affected as a result this unique type of adoption.

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I am so excited that I got to sit down with Missy Worley. Missy is an adoptive mama through foster care and also, of course, by adopting her oldest daughter who is actually her biological niece. The kicker is, Missy and her husband took placement of their now daughter while they were still engaged. So crazy, right?

Missy was able to share with us what their story has looked like for her personally, for their marriage, and for her relationships with her biological family members who have feelings and opinions about their adoption journey.

I am in love with their story and faithfulness to God’s calling on their life and their marriage and am so thankful for all of her amazing wisdom that she was able to share in her episode.

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  • Miss highly recommends the book Adopted for Life by Russell Moore. You can check that out and grab a copy here.

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AMP S3E5: Those Three Words||A Memoir of a Birth Mom - Christine Bauer

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I’ve always thought of the 5-episode marks (1, 5, 10, 15) as milestones and I try to save whammy interviews for them. Is that weird? Oh well. With that said, I am thrilled to bring you guys another interview from a birth mom perspective!

I love that my little podcast gets to serve as an allyship voice for an often overlooked but integral part of the adoption triad: Our kids’ amazing Birth Mamas.

There is so much controversy surrounding our attitude toward birth moms, and it completely revolves around our own experiences. Whether we have an open adoption with our kids’ bio moms, an international adoption where we may never know what their situation is, a domestic adoption where the mama wanted to sever ties, a foster care adoption where rights were terminated, or anything in between, we as adoptive parents should strive to be always so grateful that these brave woman chose life for their children and brought them into this world.

Christine’s new book!

Christine’s new book!

I love that Christine is using her voice to share her experience and change the stigma that so many birth moms before her and even still now struggle with as they are making the hardest decisions of their lives. I can’t wait for y’all to join us for Christine’s story!

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