AMP S5E66: What It's Like to Be a Single Adoptive Dad - Peter Habyarimana


Now only have I been seeking to feature a single adoptive parent story (one who went into it as a single-parent, that is. No disrespect to my divorcee’ guests) for a long time now, I also get asked about it all the time. Well friends, I am here to deliver…and with a single dad no less! Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

If foster and adoptive parents are like the regular superheroes of this world, then single foster and adoptive parents are like actual Superman himself…the ultimate superhero. (Don’t @ me with Thor, they’re in different universes and that’s not the point.) Single parents not only step up for battle…they do it with even less support. Add in a lifetime of trauma, and you have Peter freaking Habyarimana.

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Growing up in a poverty-stricken, abusive household, Peter saw little hope for a successful future. He ran away from home at a young age and lived as a street kid in a larger Ugandan city. His life looked like it would always be hopeless until some kind strangers saw that hope for him. They built a relationship with him and then offered to pay his way at a boarding school. That is when Peter’s life started to change.

He finished school and went on to study in a graduate program in the UK and eventually Seminary in the US. He worked in war- and poverty-stricken areas around the world to bring relief in the name of Jesus. At some point, Peter, remembering his life as a street kid, decided to get into foster care as a single man. After fostering for several years, Peter is now an adoptive dad of a son and is working for World Vision.

I was thrilled to death to talk to Peter about being a single adoptive and foster dad since that is such a rare thing. After overcoming so much in his life, I wanted to hear about why he was willing to reopen an old trauma wound in order to help those in need. In addition to his story, Peter shared with us the answer to these questions and more in this week’s episode.

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In the Friday show this week, we’re going to be talking all about single adoptive and foster parents, so if you want to check that out and grab your Bible Study guide this week (out now!), click below!

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