AMP S5E70: Can Adoption Be Funny? - Lucas Bohn


There are a few things that feel a bit taboo to joke about. Things like Cancer and Rape obviously spring to mind, and rightly so. See also: Race, Mental and Physical Handicaps, and some would even say adoption. I think we all know that I can laugh about the funny parts of adoption, and my guest today, Lucas Bohn can too. So much so, that he stands on stage and in front of national television audiences to do so.

I love to laugh, and I follow several comedy pages on Facebook and Instagram, one of which is Dry-Bar Comedy, a page dedicated to promoting stand-up sets that are more on the clean side. So there I was, scrolling through Facebook as I do, and I see a stand-up routine with adoption in the title. I tapped it to turn the sound on and I sat through the whole set talking about hilarious and inappropriate responses to incredibly inappropriate questions that we as adoptive families get all. the. time. SO FREAKING FUNNY.

I reached out asking for an interview and Lucas himself responded, which was so cool! We got to talk about their adoption story and how important it is to highlight the ups and downs of the adoption world in different ways that people can understand. His is through comedy, which I just love. 

Lucas has shared the stage with Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Fallon, and Kevin Hart. Lucas’ high-energy shows and hilarious impersonations make him an instant hit with audiences of all ages. AND In 2013 Lucas was nominated "Comedian of the Year" by Campus Activities Magazine. Lucas is married to Kristie and is father to Ellianna and Xander, both of whom came to their family through private adoption. 


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