AMP S4E15: "This Is Not Watercooler Talk.” - Leigh Anne Tuohy

This is a wrap on another season of AMP, friends, and I am always overcome with this happy/sad feeling when i’m bringing it to a close.

I’m happy because y’all. That’s 15 more episodes of hope, encouragement, solidarity, and amazing stories out into the world. It also means a bit of a break for me which allows me to rest and prepare for another awesome season, premiering in August! It’s sad because I won’t get to connect with you guys in this way during the break, but the good news is that I will still be plugging along with my email friends, Team AMP, and the Facebook group, The Adoptive Mom Community. If you’re not apart of those already, check the links below to get connected!

Without further ado though, let’s meet my guest for the season 4 finale!


I mean, does she really need an introduction, though? You guys! I got to talk to THE Leigh Anne Tuohy!

For those of you less in the know: Dubbed a “warrior princess” by author Michael Lewis in his best-selling book The Blind Side, Leigh Anne is the inspirational matriarch of the Tuohy family. Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy are the proud parents of daughter Collins and sons Michael Oher and Sean, Jr. In February 2013, Leigh Anne and the whole Tuohy family were on the sidelines cheering Michael and the Baltimore Ravens on to his first Super bowl victory.

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Although I am certain that most of you are familiar with her story, Leigh Anne and Sean adopted their oldest son, Michael Oher when they found him homeless and in need of a loving family. The book mentioned above, The Blind Side, was turned into a movie several years ago and served as a springboard for Leigh Anne to share her passion, which became adapting and reforming the foster care and adoption system both on the inside through the system and on the outside in our hearts as the community of adoptive and potential adoptive families. In fact, after the overwhelming response to The Blind Side, Sean and Leigh Anne established their charity, The Making it Happen Foundation, which promotes awareness, provides hope, and improves standards of living for all the children fighting to survive in the invisible cracks in society.

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