AMP S5E71: Saving the World, One Tee Shirt at a Time - Haley Coon


I think that for a lot of us, “the need” feels so overwhelming, right? Like sure, we could do a small part of whatever, but what difference does it even make? Does our small donation really help? Does our sharing of all the articles that float around social media have all that much reach?

Haley Coon believes it does. They are an adoptive family, but that just wasn’t enough for her. She felt the pull to do more to raise awareness and CASH MONEY for foster care and adoption. 

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Enter: Restoration Threads.

Haley started her t-shirt company in 2018 and has grown it like crazy over the past year and a half. Designing and creating and selling t-shirts with messages of hope written on them and then donating LIKE A TON of the proceeds to different nonprofits is her game. They have been able to help so many companies doing the absolute most and in turn, countless kids in need.


Haley shared with us her dream to help people to overcome their fears of foster care and adoption and step into faith like she did. This life was not in her plans, but God worked on her heart over time and brought her to this place of...well...restoration. We can all take a page from her book about trust, patience, faith, and humility.


Haley is a former high school teacher, turned stay at home mom. She is the mom of 4 busy and fun little ones. She loves Tex-Mex, coffee, writing, traveling, patio weather, and hanging with her crazy crew. They have 3 biological kids, and 1 they adopted through foster care. While fostering their youngest son, the idea of Restoration Threads was born. Haley is passionate about raising awareness for foster care and providing tangible ways for people to be a small part of the big things the Lord is doing through foster care.

We’re deep-diving the meanings behind some of the designs that Haley has created for her products this week on the bonus show! Haley is also contributing to the 5-day Bible Study to go along with this episode available now! Hit that button below to find out how you can have access for less money than a Starbucks drink.

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