AMP S4E13: She Went Viral for Adoption! - Casey Douglas


I hope Mother’s day was great for you, but I recognize that it wasn’t for many of you. I know that sometimes Mother’s Day can be a reminder of pain and loss and heartbreak for some, and you are in my thoughts and prayers if that is you.


Today I am excited to introduce you you Casey Douglas!

Casey is a data analyst and a wedding photographer - two things that obviously go hand in hand.

She and her husband are also therapeutic foster and adoptive parents to teenagers. Yes! That ripe old 27 year old up there!

Photo by Katelyn Elise Moses

Photo by Katelyn Elise Moses

When they adopted their son Randall (above) earlier this year, their story went viral! Since, she has had many people reach out to her for an exclusive on their journey, including Love What Matters and Yours Truly.

Her heart for kids from hard places that are what many would and do call “Unadoptable” is profound, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear about how she and her husband care for “the least of these.”

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