AMP S5E65: The C Word - Live Show with Ann Meythaler

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Sometimes in adoption we are handed really hard circumstances. There’s unknown trauma, abuse history, really unsettling diagnoses like RAD or ODD, the list goes on. But what happens when you get a hard diagnosis that is completely separate for adoption circumstances? Like cancer? Or Autism? Or a genetic condition?

In this week’s episode of The Adoptive Mom Podcast, we’re discussing just such circumstances. Between my experience with my son’s Marfan’s Syndrome diagnosis and my guest Ann Meythaler’s daughter’s cancer battle, we had a lot to talk about.

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In addition to that conversation, though, we did a whole live show, you guys! AMP’s very first one!

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My friend Kelly MC’d and between her and Ann, it made for a very funny, very entertaining evening and I can’t thank enough those who came out to celebrate with me!

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In the Friday show this week, we’re going to be talking all about warrior moms and hard diagnoses and how often these things happen within adoption, so if you want to check that out and grab your Bible Study guide this week (out now!), click below!

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