AMP S5E69: Bonus Show Preview - Alex Fittin (Me!)

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Every week over on Patreon, I do a bonus show for Team AMP - the AMAZING listeners and supporters who choose to invest their cash money in helping to produce the podcast starting at just $5 a month. Today, I wanted to give all of you guys a preview of what these shows are like! They are always a deep-dive on the topic discussed in the regular show, and always chock-full of research, practical tips, and my heart for the issue. They usually run about 10 minutes long and go along with the Bible Study Guide for the week that Team AMP receives every Monday morning.

In this AMP Plus episode, we’re deep-diving on the topic of fear and how it affects us as the adoption community. When you glance over what we do every day, fear makes total sense, right? I mean, we do really hard things day-in and day-out. It’s what we signed up for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary as crap. We invite evil itself into our homes in the form of brokenness and pain and destruction. We ask for hard times and hard questions and hard circumstances. That’s so scary, you guys. There are ALL THE WHAT-IFS wrapped up in that.

So how do we keep from allowing that fear to cripple us? Let’s find out together!

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