AMP S4E14: The Physical Toll that Trauma can take and How A PT Can Help - Kristi Harris

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Ok you guys. I’ve covered all of the other major therapy disciplines, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure where PT fit it. My son is in PT, but it still seemed like more of an outward issue, not a trauma issue (with the exception of some physical abuse stuff of course). When I talked to Kristi Harris a few months ago, I asked her what her thoughts were. I knew she was a PT and I knew she had an amazing adoption story, but I just wanted to make sure this topic would be applicable for you guys. Kristi was like “Girl. Let me just tell you how applicable this is.”

Kristi is an adoptive mom of two boys. She and her husband Rodney chose to grow their family by adoption a bit later in life than most, so me and Kristi got to have some fun chatting about the young mom vs. experienced mom stuff too, but also just about their story and how she is mom to these precious boys. I recently told her that she is my mom role model because she just has this hilarious attitude about their shenanigans and about dealing with mom shame and expectations. Get excited guys, she’s hilarious.


On top of that, Kristi is an experienced physical therapist in many fields, but because of her background, she is especially knowledgeable about PT with kids from hard places. She was able to educate us on the physical toll that trauma can take on our kids, and how incredibly heavy stuff going on inside of them can translate to the outside.

So excited for you guys to meet Kristi Harris!

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