AMP S4E6: Adoptive Moms and Mental Health - Ashley Brettin

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Do you struggle with minor issues in your own mental health while also caring for the mental health for our kids from hard places?

That’s a lot of prepositions, I know. But that’s also what my friend Ashley Brettin and I are discussing today!

Meet Ashley Brettin: a stay-at-home Mom and a foster parent to six children. She has 3 biological children, one adopted child and two foster children.  Her husband Luke is a pediatric therapist as well, so much of their lives are dedicated to helping care for, raise and, better the lives of children. 

Ashley and I talked about our own anxiety/depression experiences and how they interact with our calling to be adoptive moms. We talked about medication, leaning on God, how it influences our reactions with our kids, and more. It was a great, open, and honest conversation and I hope you guys relate to it!

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