AMP S4E2: Sensory or Behavior? - Leah Burry


Meet Leah Burry. She is an Occupational Therapy Assistant who has taken it upon herself to deep-dive into sensory education within her career. She and her husband are also licensed foster parents who specifically provide respite care for other foster families. She’s pretty awesome and I am so excited that she got to sit down and talk about respite care and sensory needs for kids from hard places.

Leah working with on of her sweet therapy kiddos.

Leah working with on of her sweet therapy kiddos.

The thing I love about my interview with Leah is how truly informative she is and how many practical tips she is able to hand us for helping our high sensory needs kids through their struggles, and also how she helps us understand what is going on inside our kids’ bodies while they are over or understimulated. I

I hope you love Leah’s interview as much as I do and I REALLY hope you’re able to pull some helpful stuff out of it to implement with your families! Check the links and resources section below for Leah’s super helpful Sensory Guide as well!

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