AMP S4E10: Dudes Who Adopt - CR Braniff and Bryan Fittin

It’s time yet again for our seasonal Dads Episode!

Y’all went crazy over this last time, so guess who’s back? Back Again…Bryan’s back…with a friend.


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But you guys! get excited to meet C.R. Braniff. You guys met (or already knew) his wife Angela back in season 3, and now you get to meet the other 1/2 of the This Gathered Nest power couple.

Here’s a refresh of their family life:

They have 2 bio daughters, 2 kids adopted internationally, 1 adopted through foster care, and 2 adopted via embryo adoption. Are you exhausted just thinking about it? I am.

They are so cool and they share their crazy life on social media to encourage more families to adopt, homeschool, and live authentically.

CR Family.jpg

C.R. recently stepped away from  a 12+ year career in corporate America to join his wife’s ambition to live out loud and help run their social media business. Their big family has some big dreams and they’re ready to start chasing them.

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