AMP S4E4: High Needs Mom Life - Jac Ernst


Do you have adopted kids with needs that are just…more than “normal?” As adoptive mamas, we quickly become so familiar with kids who are not neuro-typical and just require a little bit extra. Extra therapy, extra patience, extra care, extra attention, extra caution…the list goes on.

That’s what Jac Ernst has built her platform on.


Jac has not one, but two kids with higher-than-normal needs, and she quickly had to adjust her lifestyle to fit their requirements for care and guidance. She saw a need for community surrounding moms of kids with higher needs and sought out to create that space.

Enter High Needs Mom Life: a community, a group, a podcast, and a blog.


I am thrilled to death to have Jac share her heart for this issue and to provide resources for all high needs moms, including basically every single adoptive mom out there. I hope you love the episode!

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