AMP S4E5: Foster Care & Fashion - Ashlee Peters

Ashlee Headshot.jpeg

I want you guys to meet my new friend, Ashlee. She’s the coolest, seriously.

In addition to being an open-to-adoption foster mom, she and her husband have 3 bio kids, 2 goats (yeah), and she runs an awesome business sharing online deals and steals to save us money on women’s fashion, kids clothes, home decor, gifts, and more!

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Something I really love about Ashlee though is her willingness to be so open and raw with her audience. She holds nothin back when it comes to the difficulties, heartbreaks, and triumphs of their foster care journey.

Seriously, you will be doing yourself a huge favor to go follow her Instagram account (link below). The amount of encouragement found in solidarity with other moms sharing their journeys does the heart so much good. So get on it!

If you’re reading this within the first week of the episode’s launch, then be sure to enter our giveaway! Ashlee is giving away a 2-pack of her very favorite designer-dupe sunglasses! Details to enter are below!

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