AMP S3E2: How Speech/Language Therapy Can Help Our Kids From Hard Places - Sarah McGooden


Meet Sarah McGooden! Sarah is married to Nate and is a bio mom of 4, but she definitely has her share of difficulties in the parenting realm along with us adoptive mamas. Along with all of the regular mom stuff, she is also an SLP at an elementary school in an incredibly high risk district. She sees and treats kids from hard places all day every day.

You can see why I had to have her on the show this week! She is super wise and had a lot of great advice for us in dealing with kids and also for our own mental health in taking care of these kids. As per usual with my guests, she is at the ready with a bucket-load of grace for us parents doing incredibly hard things for our kids and our communities.

It’s blurry, but here is Sarah with a sweet kiddo from school!

It’s blurry, but here is Sarah with a sweet kiddo from school!

I love these types of interviews because they deal with the mental side of things and also with the very real, tangible practices we can use to help. Sarah goes into detail on what exactly Speech Therapy is and does, what behaviors fall into that category of therapy, and finally, some specific speech-related behaviors that are common with trauma disorders and how to spot them.

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She’s great and I hope you love her as much as I do!

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  • Grace Haven Ministries offers support and services for adoptive families in the trenches. I can say this from personal experience. We were at the end of our rope with this business and Grace Haven's director of counseling services was at our house within an hour... FO FREE. She talked us off the ledge and provided us with some great resources for moving forward. Seriously, reach out to them with your concerns and struggles TODAY. Visit their website here and their Facebook page here.

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