AMP S3E1: Adoption on a Broader Platform - Angela Braniff (This Gathered Nest)


My first guest for SEASON THREE (!!!) is Angela Braniff. Angie is a creator and vlogger over on Youtube, a lifestyle and beauty blogger, and an Instagram baller. Oh yeah, and an adoptive mom of course! She and her husband Chris are parents of two bio daughters and 5 adopted kiddos from all over. I’m pretty sure they entered some sort of contest to see how many different adoption avenues they could take. They have adopted internationally (and special needs, to boot), domestically, and also via embryo adoption, which was a first for me to learn about!

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Angie and her family live in North Carolina and as if having seven kids and running a ton of social media and video platforms, she also homeschools five of those seven kids. You guys, she’s kind of my hero.

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Honestly though, that’s something we go into in this episode: how living our lives in front of people can sometimes put us on an unwanted pedestal that we don’t ask for and can’t live up to. I loved Angie’s honesty and raw look at what their lives look like. I can’t wait for you guys to meet her!

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  • Angela’s YouTube Channel: YouTube

  • Angela’s Facebook Page: Facebook

  • This Gathered Nest Website: Website

  • Angela’s Instagram: Instagram

  • Angela said in her episode that her favorite resources have been Facebook groups dealing with your specific type of adoption and motherhood and other moms in person. I definitely echo this advice and want to encourage you guys to hop onto social media and meet some mamas who can meet you where you’re at in this crazy life.

  • Grace Haven Ministries offers support and services for adoptive families in the trenches. I can say this from personal experience. We were at the end of our rope with this business and Grace Haven's director of counseling services was at our house within an hour... FO FREE. She talked us off the ledge and provided us with some great resources for moving forward. Seriously, reach out to them with your concerns and struggles TODAY. Visit their website here and their Facebook page here.

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