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Well, we did it! We have made TWO WHOLE SEASONS of AMP, y'all! I say *WE* because I 100% could not have done this thing without the support of some absolutely amazing listeners. For that, I THANK YOU!

This is the last part of the 2-part finale on adoption and race. If you are new to the show or have just skipped a few episodes, you will want to jump back to part 1 in episode 14.

 In this episode, I am chatting with a couple of amazing women, Meloni Lee and Adriana Gomez Barajas.

Meloni was adopted as a baby internationally from Korea. She grew up to adopt as well, adding two children to her family along with a biological child. Meloni has so many awesome viewpoints from her unique perspective of being adopted into a white family as an Asian girl, marrying a white man and having a mixed-race family of her own, and also of adopting two more children outside of her and her husband's ethnicity. She has so many wise and truthful things to say and I am so glad she was able to add so much to the show.

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Adriana Gomez Barajas is from Mexico and while she split her formative years with her birthplace and the States, she believes in rich culture and knowing who you are and where your roots lie. I love her viewpoint that no matter where you are raised or by whom, you will always be what your true nationality is, and you need to foster that culture and knowledge as best as you can.

As adoptive parents, it is our job to help our children in this. We want to walk that balance beam between making our kids feel incredibly loved and wanted and cherished, but also raising them to love who they are and have absolutely no shame in it. It is our responsibility to not feign colorblindness, but to see and fully love and praise and celebrate their ethnicity and heritage. 

I want to reiterate that this is absolutely not another white woman trying to claim this conversation. I want to be the most effective ally that I can be and simply be the catalyst for this incredibly important topic. This is why it was so imperative that I not heavily entertain the opinions  of white parents of minority children, but to feature guests who could actually teach us something, not just share experiences gleamed from their children. I would never want this to sound harsh or to shame adoptive parents who are doing the absolute best they can, but I desperately just want my heart to be seen in this. 

Again, thank you SO MUCH for joining me for this ride of a second season. Be on the lookout for Season 3 coming at you in September. I am already working on it and recording and getting so excited! If you can, please let me know what you thought of this season in a review on iTunes!

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  • Those Three Words: A Birth Mother's Story of Choice, Chance, and Motherhood is out now! It is such an amazing book and you definitely need to grab yourself a copy over on Amazon!

  • Grace Haven Ministries offers support and services for adoptive families in the trenches. I can say this from personal experience. We were at the end of our rope with this business and Grace Haven's director of counseling services was at our house within an hour... FO FREE. She talked us off the ledge and provided us with some great resources for moving forward. Seriously, reach out to them with your concerns and struggles TODAY. Visit their website here and their Facebook page here.

  • Project Zero puts the real live faces of children who are available for adoption in front of the families looking to provide forever homes for them. They travel around the state promoting their dream of having Zero waiting children in Arkansas. You can check out their website here and their Facebook here.

  • The CALL trains, equips, and supports foster and adoptive families. You heard from the director in NWA, Ann in the first episode of this podcast. They are great and you should check them out. They have no-commitment info-meeting regularly if you just want to gather more information about adopting from the foster care system, and they provide the complete training you need to become an open home. Check out their website here and their Facebook page here.

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