AMP S3E13: What Is Adoption Like for a Dad? - Chuck Butler and Bryan Fittin


Let’s be honest, most of you reading this are women. BUT there are also plenty of male listeners AND most of you with and XX Chromosome have an XY in your life who needs support too. SO we started a new tradition here on the podcast. DAD WEEK!

Enter Chuck Butler. That last name is probably familiar to listeners from his wife, Amy Butler. Chuck is the other half of this amazing marital team who champions for adoption and for wholeness for adoptive parents.

Chuck and Amy have two biological and two adopted kids, and Amy recently shared about their disrupted adoption experience as well.

Chuck and Bryan chat about manhood and fatherhood and what those roles mean for this incredibly hard calling to which we’ve all said yes. They also answered some listener questions crowdsourced from social media, and, bonus, they’re both hilarious.

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I have to tell you about my husband Bryan really quickly too. He is just my favorite person on earth (Shocker, right?). He is so smart and business-savvy, but he’s also cool and trendy and funny. He has his own podcast on photography and also owns and manages Go Rogue, a digital marketing consulting and production company. I’m pretty proud of this guy if you couldn’t tell.

I hope you love listening to these two chat about what it means to be a adoptive dad.

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