AMP S3E15: A Different Kind of Family - Meg Meredith, Kayla Crow, Madi Hutson, and Patty Baxter

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Essentially the entire point of this podcast is to talk about families who do not share biology, this this episode will take it a step further. When they collectively adopted a large sibling group, the Meredeth, Crow, Hutson, and Baxter families combine to form one big, happy family.

In this episode, I got to sit down with the women of each of these families to talk about their dynamic, why it’s important to keep their kids together, and how they make that work.

Meg Meredith and her husband are a fellow accidental twins family, with one biological son and their adopted daughter, Phoenix, hovering right about the same age. Meg is a writer and a publisher as well as being a mama and Army Wife.

Kayla Crow’s family is made up of one biological child and two adopted from different cases. They have the oldest son of the adopted sibling group, James. Kayla is also a nurse practitioner.

Madi Hutson and her husband have a teen girl from the families’ sibling group, as well as three biological children. Madi is the executive director of TASC, which aids the state’s juvenile system with community service projects, among other things.

Finally, Patty Baxter and her husband own a golf store in the area and they were the only ones to adopt two of the siblings when they got twins into their home!

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