AMP S3E14: Kids are Aging out of Foster Care, How Can We Help? - Kamilah Bunn, CEO of The Adoption Exchange Association


This week, I had the incredible honor to interview Kamilah Bunn, the CEO of The Adoption Exchange Association which runs, among other things, the country’s premier national association of adoption professionals and organizations.

Kamilah and I got to discuss what adoption looks like on a larger scale and how the AEA helps bring awareness to the need and resources to those who step up for kids who need families. They work with The Dave Thomas Foundation and several other organizations to reach as many kids and parents as they can get their hands on to further this incredible initiative to which we have all said yes in some capacity.

I hope you love getting to hear from someone doing the work nationally to help us doing the work locally. Also, be sure to check below for links and resources on everything the AEA has their hands on!

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