AMP S3E7: "Let Me Wreck Them" - Jeanette Tapley


You guys, I am so excited to bring you this episode. Jeanette has become one of my very good friends in “real” life because of this podcast and that brings me so much joy. I say “real” in quotes because we have still never actually met face-to-face, but that is why God made Marco Polo (praise hands).


Jeanette hosts the podcast It’s Time for Coffee where she chats with people about what they’re doing and how they are adding value to their community and the world in general. It’s so good and you guys should go subscribe and listen IMMEDIATELY.

She does this on top of being a wife and a mom to 3 kids, one of them having been adopted internationally.

In her episode, Jeanette and I chat about her story and about how adoption has influenced her podcasting and how she shares her story with the world. This woman is doing really cool things, and I am so honored that she’s including me in some of them!

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