AMP S3E12: Practical Skills to Help Kids Who Have Been Abused - Z & Britt Ivy

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Meet power couple Z (Zanas) and Britt Ivy. They are awesome.

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Z is the owner and head instructor of Gracie Jiu Jitsu NWA with Britt as his co-pilot to teach self-defense and empowerment to all people, but their passion is absolutely to teach women these skills.


On top of having two daughters, the issue of being able to protect yourself hits close to home for the Ivys. When Britt was raped in college, she thought she’d never get past her trauma. Even after she married her husband Z and was in an assuredly safe environment, there was still a gap in her life as a result of what happened years ago. It wasn’t until their family dove into Gracie Jiu Jitsu that she began to fully heal.

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Their story, especially Britt’s, is so powerful and gives us an amazing tool to hand our kids with abusive pasts. I absolutely cannot wait for you to get to know this amazing and godly couple.

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