AMP S3E10-11: Disrupted Adoptions (Parts 1 and 2) - Amy Butler, Rachel Kirksey, and Randi Perkins

This episode was so full of amazingness that I couldn’t stand to cut any of it out to get it to all fit in one episode, so, like any good host in a bind, I made it a 2-parter!

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First up, a VIP of the show, Amy Butler. You guys fell in love with Amy back in season 1, and she’s here on this episode to tell you guys about a much harder part of their adoption journey, one in which they chose to disrupt a placement for the health of their family.


The finale interview of part 1 comes from Rachel Kirksey. Rachel and her husband Ben never opened as an adoptive home or even as a foster home officially, but they did say yes when God literally dropped a young boy on their doorstep and asked them to take care of him. Through a really tough seasons, Rachel learned that yes to God doesn’t always mean what you think it will.

(Photos Curtesy of Brooke Cagle Photography)

(Photos Curtesy of Brooke Cagle Photography)

In part 2 of our series on disrupted adoption, we sit down with Randi Perkins. Randi and her husband Lloyd have 3 boys, none of whom are adopted, but not for lack of trying. Randi had a tough few years where she waited out a hard season of following the Lord that ended in 3 disrupted adoptions. From really hard behavioral problems to some spiritual warfare issues, Randi had to learn to follow God wherever He led her.

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