AMP S3E6: Kinship Adoption and All That Comes with It - Missy Worley


Today’s episode is all about kinship adoption and all of the intricate relationships that are affected as a result this unique type of adoption.

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I am so excited that I got to sit down with Missy Worley. Missy is an adoptive mama through foster care and also, of course, by adopting her oldest daughter who is actually her biological niece. The kicker is, Missy and her husband took placement of their now daughter while they were still engaged. So crazy, right?

Missy was able to share with us what their story has looked like for her personally, for their marriage, and for her relationships with her biological family members who have feelings and opinions about their adoption journey.

I am in love with their story and faithfulness to God’s calling on their life and their marriage and am so thankful for all of her amazing wisdom that she was able to share in her episode.

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  • Miss highly recommends the book Adopted for Life by Russell Moore. You can check that out and grab a copy here.

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