AMP S1E1: Ann Meythaler-When Life Hands Adoptive Mamas a Tornado of Hard

You guys, I’m doing something crazy. I am starting a PODCAST for adoptive mamas of all different kinds. Whether you’ve adopted internationally, privately, through the foster care system, or anything else, I hope you can find solidarity and realness here. While listening to other motherhood podcasts, I am encouraged, but I can’t help feeling that not all of it applies to me or it isn’t complete because of our crazy family tree, so I decided to do something about it. Here you’ll get to listen to stories from adoptive families, support systems, and a myriad of other characters in this beautiful, messy, heartbreaking, joy-filled thing called adoption. Each week you’ll get to hear me chatting it up with women (and some men) that I greatly look up to and think that more people should hear from. Get excited, guys. I sure am!       

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For the very first episode of my brand new podcast, I had to go big. And oh did I. Ann Meythaler is the area director of The CALL in Northwest Arkansas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training and supporting foster and adoptive families within the church. Their philosophy is that Jesus commanded the church to care for the widows and orphans…so we should definitely be doing that. They go directly to Jesus' people and recruit them to do this amazing Kingdom work.


In addition to running the Area 1 division of The CALL, Ann also has a whopping EIGHT kids, six of whom are adopted through the foster care system. So for those of you keeping track, that’s at least 2 full-time jobs she’s shouldering. In the midst of all of just everyday life and stuff, Ann has had somewhat of a "Job" (like from the Bible) journey over the past few years. When we sat down and talked, we not only discussed her emotional story, but we get to hear about how she is overcoming and walking through these obstacles with Jesus on her side.

I can’t wait for you guys to join us, and please review us on iTunes and share share share! Also, if you have any ideas for upcoming episodes, please comment below or message me on social media! Thank you so much for listening and supporting. I hope this podcast makes a difference in the lives and hearts of adoptive mamas in the trenches, those considering adoption, and friends and family looking for better ways to understand and support their tribes. Thanks again!



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